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Gastronome Tart

Im so happy I got an ice cream maker too! Now I can try that goat cheese ice cream of yours! I keep thinking about it! :)
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I'm so happy you got your ice cream maker!!! Banana Nutella Ice Cream sounds divine! I love your photo!


$14.99??? That's incredible! You go! I thought I was doing well finding my ice cream maker at Costco for $25 but $14.99 is awesome! How could you not buy it??? I laughed b/c I have those same deliberations with my husband about how much I'm going to use the appliances. :) Amazing ice cream--It looks heavenly!


*Sigh* ice cream really brings back great memories regardless of where you grow up. Everyone seems to have their neighborhood ice cream shop that is full of nostalgia. I have had an ice cream maker since I was a teenager, I think, and although I don't use it ALL the time, it definitely has gotten its fair use over the years :) I'm so glad you were finally able to get one! Your ice cream looks fantastic! And PS in response to your comment, I never tried Casa Vega. I sometimes regret not taking advantage of more restaurants when I lived in LA... so much I missed out on, and I was there for quite some time, haha.

Gastronome Tart

@ Cakewhiz- I felt the same way. I was going insane looking at all these amazing recipes. I'm sure you could whip something up that would pair really nice with some of your cakes and desserts!

@Veronica- Let me know how the recipe works out for you if and when you try it!

Veronica Gantley

I bookmarked this to make it later. I have an ice cream maker and am always looking for new recipes. Thanks for sharing. Buzz right back at ya!


i have got to invest in an ice cream maker. i keep seeing all these fabulous ice cream recipes and it sucks i can't make them :(

the thought of these 2 flavors, banana and nutella, sounds incredible!

Gastronome Tart

Wow! Thanks! I just think I need to get a better scooper though. Not as easy as I thought to get a perfect scoop! :)
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I LOVE home made ice cream!!!! And with Nutella??? Heaven! You absolutely did the right thing buying the ice cream maker... who wouldn't have and at that price?????? Great first ice cream, it looks professional! :-)

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