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bedroom furniture

great man :D


Awww, it looks like you guys had a fabulous time and your pie is GORGEOUS!! Ok, we have to pick a date b/c I can't wait to go up there after seeing your beautiful pictures! Glad we also have apple season to look forward to!

Gastronome Tart

Thank you so much! It was delicious :)
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Sasha @ The Procrastobaker

This is such a stunning pie and a lovely post too, your photos are beautiful :)


Beautiful photos & the pie looks like a piece of heaven!

Gastronome Tart

This is true! I saw your post for your peach ginger hand pies! Those looked absolutely delicious!
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Oh my! Great minds think alike! Not only did I share a peach hand pie recipe today, but I was thinking about making a peach pie and thought how fun it would be with a lattice crust, and how I never see peach pies with lattice crusts, usually blueberry or cherry pies only. So happy to stumble upon this :)

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