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This looks fantastic! My Husband and I made homemade pickles and the canning was pretty easy....after a few times! :)

Gastronome Tart

True! I thought that you would have loads of tomatoes stashed away :) if you try it, let me know how it worked out for you!
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This is something I have never done! Strange eh?? Being Italian you would think that I can tomatoes and alll kind of goodies... but I have never got around to do that! I should try! I love this recipe for peach butter! Bookmarked! :-)


oooooh, I have wanted to get more involved in canning (and quite honestly your choice of peach butter is one I would have made too). It seems so easy and yet I've always just held off for some reason. Perhaps soon!


I do want to start canning more. We used to as a family, but when I moved to the city it was more difficult to do in my apartment.


Nice photo posts and tips for canning!! Thnx

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