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my mind kept wandering back to all the food that I didn't eat at the fair which I normally do this time of year.


that was inspired by a carnival treat. There was everything from funnel cake ice cream all the way to candied apple concoctions

Gastronome Tart

I am so happy that you and your family have enjoyed it! It truly is super yummy :) Will check out your FB and I hope others like the happiness as well :)
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Stacy Myers

This ice cream is AMAZING!!! I've already made it twice and my family keeps asking for more.
I re-posted on my Facebook page to pass along the happiness. :-)

Russell at Chasing Delicious

Ooh that cinnamon ice cream sounds so good! And it looks perfect onto of that delicious caramel apple crisp.


Oh my goodness! I love each single component of this dessert! I absolutely want to try it!!!! And the picture is so inviting! Great job Amy!

Jessica @ Cajunlicious

YUM! Love this time of year for these yummy reasons!


Mhmm your caramel apple crisp looks delicious! I love caramel and I especially like it with apples. Beautiful picture.


The caramel apple crisp served up for dessert would be very satisfying and delicious. However, you kicked it up a notch by adding the ice cream-which makes it that much more enticing. Your picture is very tempting-great post.

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