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Gastronome Tart

Thank you! It was quite delicious!

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PatriciaCK @ The Answer is Cake

I was delighted to come across this recipe. I really love citrus cakes and it's nice to see one that's a little bit different from the standard orange, lemon or lime. Well done!


Citrus gets me through the winter. I totally agree that citrus (and clementines) are the only bright part of the winter fruits/veggies aisle! The texture of your bundt looks amazing! Thanks for sharing :)


I'm automatically in love with anything involving citrus. This cake looks fluffy, moist, and perfect!

Paula @ Spoons 'n' Spades

I love clementines for the same reason as you, they are so easy to peel! Your cake looks wonderful and I imagine it tasted delicious with the addition of Cointreau.


This sounds delicious and is a beautiful cake! My husband LOVES Clementines so I need to make this cake for him!!


I almost snagged some clemetines when I was at the grocers! After seeing this lovely cake, I now regret that I did not buy any. I love bundt and pound cakes because they are always so tasty and have such great texture. Yours does look like a winner, I am saving this recipe. Have a nice evening!

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