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The thing I hate the most about winter is the illnesses that it brings with it such as colds and flu. Where I live it doesn't snow and it never goes below zero degrees, hence we cannot enjoy the snowy winter you experience in the States. However, I would love to experience the Italian soup that you posted here and I will surely be trying your recipe. I agree with you that it has 'winter' written all over it. The vegetables in it will also help the immune system.


This looks great! I'm making my own variation of Wedding Soup tonight, too. I also empathize when it comes to longing for colder weather. I am a Northerner by birth, but I've lived most of my life in the South and Southwest. We had the first hint of fall today in GA, so I'm jumping the gun and having soup. Love your site. I'll definitely be back!

Gastronome Tart

Thank you Sarah! Glad to have you :) I have a friend who moved to Houston a few years ago. She said it has been really warm this year. Hopefully Spring time will bring mild weather. Cheers!
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Snippets of Thyme (Sarah)

Oh, I hear you about moving further South. I love snow and winter too. Right now, we are down in Houston! No winter at all but often stormy and blustery...which I like. Saw your dish on Tastespotting and thought it was beautiful.


I do love italian wedding soup and you made a very healthy and tasty addition with the kale. It is also more eye catching with the green in there. Definitely something I need to try. Glad to pop in and see this delicious recipe!

Maggie @ kitchie coo

Amy, this is a wonderfully healthy and delicious soup! I love kale so much and the meatballs in the soup is pure genius! I'm pinning this one for later. Hope you're having an awesome week!


Wonderful looking soup, warm and hearty. I like the addition of kale, too. Have a great day.

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