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K20 Tesla

Hi! I just came across this post when I googled “whole wheat applesauce muffins”. Question: have you ever tried less oil and more applesauce? Just wondering if that’s an option as I am sort of an amateur baker and I know that applesauce can be subbed for oil. Thanks!


I've just recently started cooking with flaxseeds, mostly in bread, but nice to know they would be nice addition to muffins!

Clarkie @ Beloved Green

Delightful! I have a similar recipe, and will sometimes change some of the applesauce for pumpkin. Love it.


Wish I had these for breakfast right now...

Heidi @ Food Doodles

Wow, these look great! I'm impressed that there's no oil and so little honey. And I love the dates :) Plus, I love that they're mini, I bet my kids would love these!


I keep seeing recipes with flaxseed, I definitely need to go out and get some. I have never baked with it. This muffin looks like a hearty one, definitely a great thing to keep you full until time for lunch. Definitely well worth a try judging by all the great ingredients-thanks for sharing this one!

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