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The 5/2 Fasting Diet

I usually commit those mistakes especially when in front of the computer where I don’t really think of anything else but what’s on the screen.thnx

Plumber Seattle

I wish this recipe didn't have the house seasoning recipe at the bottom to throw people off. I definitely don't need a cup and a half of salt and pepper sitting around in my cupboards. I had a headache and wasn't thinking correctly when I went to cook this recipe and used the entire cup of salt, ruining my fish. A stupid mistake, but I do wish this recipe was more clear and simply called for a pinch each of salt, pepper and garlic powder. I will have to try again next week but I'm simply disappointed for now...


Hi Amy,
I think I'm the only one that didn't watch the Olympics. Hehe:) I love fish and chips! And beer battered are the best. Have you ever tried using Guinness? I had it at a restaurant and it was so good. Yours look great!


Amy, your fish and chips are perfection for watching any Olympic sport, especially with the cold beers in hand. I hosted an Olympic party recently inspired by foods from various countries including Great Britain. It was so much fun to celebrate the Olympics with food :)

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