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Gastronome Tart

I think the cranberries would work well. I had some people who tried them who thought that the cherries were raisins. Let me know how they turn out!

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I have never heard of blondies before. So of course, that means I have never tasted them either. yours look good and those cherries just pop. I bet the flavor goes well with the chocolate chips.

The ones you baked look really chewy too. Thanks for sharing the recipe that you used. I notice that you seem to bake blondes very often- I notice another recipe on another page of your blog.

I think it's important to have a sweet treat every now and then. It's overdoing it that's the problem.


the addition of tart cherries in this blondies is so exciting that i pinned these ;)
i don't have cherries at home. you think i can replace it with cranberries instead?

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